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Jesse Elliott

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Alicia Miller

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I've worked with The Mazza Law Group for about 16 months and have been very satisfied. The staff is friendly and responsive and provide great insight. I highly recommend them.

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Eric Bowman

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I am very satisfied with The Mazza Law Group. They are very responsive to phone calls and emails and always kept me informed.

DUI blood test – new development in law

New Developments in law from the Supreme Court involving a DUI blood test.

In a decision last week, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling which has already started to change the way DUI cases will be prosecuted and defended in Pennsylvania.

In Birchfield v. N. Dakota, the Supreme Court held that a driver placed under arrest under suspicion of DUI may not be subjected to a warrantless blood test to test for alcohol, but may be subjected to a warrantless breath test.  The Court held that the DUI blood test is much more intrusive than a breath test, and requires that police obtain a warrant.

Also at issue was whether a driver may be penalized criminally for failure to take a blood test.  Since a driver has a constitutional right to refuse a warrantless search, the court’s decision reasoned that such a refusal should not result in increased criminal penalties.  However, non-criminal consequences, such as a driver’s license suspension, may still be permitted.

In Pennsylvania, many jurisdictions utilize blood testing in DUI enforcement.  In requesting that a motorist consent to a blood draw, the police have been advising motorists that they may refuse, but they face increased penalties if convicted of the Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol after refusing.

This scheme is being challenged in DUI prosecutions across the state as violating the Supreme Court’s ruling which prohibits states from imposing criminal penalties (such as an increased sentence) when individuals refuse a blood test.  This case could even impact those who have agreed to take such a test to avoid such increased penalties.  Defense lawyers are preparing to file motions to suppress blood test results in many of these cases.

At The Mazza Law Group, the DUI defense lawyers have decades of experience. If you find yourself charged with a DUI or related offense, contact us for a consultation.

PCRA results in New Trial

Burglary Sentence of 7.5-15 Years Vacated and New Trial Awarded under Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) Defendant was accused of perpetrating a distraction burglary wherein an accomplice preoccupied the homeowner at the front door asking for help with car trouble while the Defendant entered the rear of the house and ran off with a television. Defendant and the accomplice […]

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Prenuptial Agreement: How to Prepare

signing doument

Prenuptial Agreement:  How to prepare for potential divorce before you get married, Part III of a series regarding property division and divorce. A prenuptial agreement, which is sometimes referred to as a “premarital agreement,” or a “prenup,” may be prepared and executed by two people before they get married in order to protect their interest in […]

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Death Penalty – Criminal Law Update

Death Penalty Update:  “No man can be a judge in his own case”- wrote Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in a decision on a death penalty case yesterday.  In Williams v. Pennsylvania, the US Supreme Court decided that a judge who was involved in the prosecution could not thereafter sit as a state Supreme Court […]

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Property Settlement in Divorce: What do I deserve?

Part II of a series regarding property settlement in a divorce. When you divorce in Pennsylvania, the law requires that the property acquired during the marriage will be divided “equitably” between you and your spouse.  In our most recent article about property division, we described what assets should be considered as “marital property” and what may […]

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Immigration Law Update: Removal based Aggravated Felony

Immigration Law Update: In a decision which will impact consequences of criminal convictions and limit immigration benefits, on May 19, 2016, the Supreme Court decided in Luna Torres v. Lynch that certain state, local, and federal offenses are “aggravated felonies”. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), an alien (non-citizen) convicted of an aggravated felony can […]

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Marital Property: Do I have to share my property with my spouse when we divorce?

[Part 1 of a series regarding marital property, division and divorce] When you get a divorce in Pennsylvania, the law requires that the property acquired during the marriage will be divided “equitably” between you and your spouse.  According to the Divorce Code, at 23 Pa.C.S.A. §3501(a), marital property is defined as “all property acquired by […]

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Immigration Law – Student Visa

Student Visa – Immigration Law: Extension of Optional Training Period for certain foreign students extended- new rules take effect May 10, 2016 An immigration benefit for students has recently been expanded.  Certain foreign nationals with student visas who earn degrees from US institutions of higher education in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics […]

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Hearsay Evidence at Preliminary Hearing

Hearsay is a statement that the declarant does not make while testifying at the current hearing or trial and is offered for the truth of the matter asserted.  Rules of Evidence allow this type of evidence in certain cases but under limited circumstances.  A point of contentions in Pennsylvania is whether this type of evidence […]

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New Divorce Law |victims of domestic violence

Beginning on June 21, 2016, changes to the divorce law will go into effect in Pennsylvania, allowing the Courts to consider convictions for some crimes of violence in deciding when a divorce decree may be issued.  Governor Wolf has signed Amendments to the divorce code into law. The statute already allows spouses to enter a […]

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