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The NLRB Decision Involving Northwestern University’s Football Team

The NLRB decision involving Northwestern University’s football team is as bizarre as they come.  The decision did not address the issue whether the players were University employees.  Rather, it was decided that granting the students bargaining rights would be too disruptive to labor policy.  This leaves the fundamental issue (employee or not) to another decision on another day.

As a matter of legal reasoning, this decision leaves much to be desired.  Imagine the US Supreme Court having a case before it but deciding, darn it, that the issues are just too tough to address.

No doubt the NCAA and the power conferences are overjoyed with the outcome.  For them, the issue has always been about control and money. It was the NCAA that came up with the phrase “student-athletes”, a clear ruse designed to make it appear that the students were of any concern to that organization.

Football Players Will Not Be Able to Unionize

August 17, 2015: Northwestern Football players will not be able to unionize the NLRB ruled today in a unanimous decision declining to assert jurisdiction over the case.   The NLRB left for the future the question of unionization.  The Board did not say the grant in aid athletes were not employees, just that they did not […]

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Animal Fighting Paraphernalia

We can all agree that animal fighting is a horribly inhumane act.  In the wake of the Michael Vick conviction of dog fighting we were all shocked by the underground nature of this criminal activity.  Most of us at the Mazza Law Group, P.C. are dog owners.  We all agree that dog fighting is bad.  […]

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Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Alters the Landscape for Guilty Plea Withdrawals

It is common in Pennsylvania for a criminal defendant to plead guilty to some or all of the crimes alleged and leave court on the same day without a sentence. Entering a guilty plea and sentencing are two distinct interactions with the court, and are not required to take place simultaneously. Courts will often require […]

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Labor Law

NEW OVERTIME RULES AFFECT 5 MILLION WORKERS Pursuant to the authority given the President under the Fair Labor Standards Act, some 5 million working people can expect to get more over time pay. Salaried people making under $50,440.00 would be entitled to overtime for hours worked over 40. The old limit was $23,660.00.  The old […]

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Am I Free To Leave After A Traffic Stop? A Common Police Tactic – Drug Evidence Discovered After Initial Traffic Stop Suppressed By PA Superior Court

Most of us have been through a routine traffic stop. After giving the officer our license, registration, and insurance the officer generally comes back with either a warning or a citation. Not many of us have been asked to stick around and answer additional questions after this point, and most probably wouldn’t know when we […]

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Should I Remain Silent And Talk With A Lawyer Before Or During Arrest? Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Pre-Arrest Silence May Not Be Used As Substantive Evidence Of Guilt At Trial

Criminal defendants are afforded a wide variety of protections under both the United States Constitution as well as the Pennsylvania Constitution. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 9 of the Pennsylvania Constitution confer a right against self-incrimination. For example, a criminal defendant has an absolute right to remain silent […]

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences Imposed After Stipulating to the Weight of Heroin Deemed Unconstitutional

Prior blogs have addressed mandatory minimums in Pennsylvania, though prosecutors have been trying to find ways around the constitutional defects and thus new cases interpreting the laws are decided every day.  For a more thorough review of mandatory minimums, please see the prior blog, Mandatory Minimum Sentences Imposed Pursuant To Sex Offenses Deemed Unconstitutional in […]

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences Imposed Pursuant To Sex Offenses Deemed Unconstitutional In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a “mandatory minimum sentence” is a sentence where the lower end of the sentence is dictated by statute – that is – created by the General Assembly.  Specifically, the legislature sets the bottom of the sentence rather than the trial judge, as is the case when mandatory minimums are not in play.  When […]

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Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania Places Initial Burden At Suppression Hearings Squarely On Government

In a criminal case, one method to keep harmful evidence from reaching the jury or require a dismissal of all charges is to file a motion to suppress.  A skilled defense attorney will know how to identify if these issues are present in your case and how to effectively raise the proper Constitutional challenges. In […]

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