Our office is located in State College, Pennsylvania—a college town—just down the street from Penn State University. There are many interns working in businesses nearby, as well as across the state. As a business and employment law attorney in State College, I thought nearby businesses should know about a recent article from ABC News Read More

As a DUI attorney in State College, Pennsylvania, I’ve seen a fair share of unusual cases and instances involving alcohol. Recently, however, a DUI arrest n Pennsylvania stuck out as one of the most bizarre I’ve ever come across. A recent article from The Sentinel describes what basically is a double-DUI; police say a Read More

As a juvenile criminal defense attorney in State College, Pennsylvania, I am well aware of the dangers of cyber-bulling and the life-altering effects such emotional battery can have on a child’s psyche. A recent story from The New York Times highlights a girl, attacked and abused over social media by her middle school peers, Read More

September 11, 2001 was a day that we, as Americans, will never forget. In a time of great tragedy, however, arose a spirit of patriotism, brotherhood, and courage that our generation had never seen. We have recovered and rebuilt, but we have not forgotten. In State College, Pennsylvania, like all around the country, we Read More

As experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in State College, Pennsylvania, we’re always keeping an eye on employee news across the state. Recently, an article from the Lebanon Daily News caught our attention; we feel it raises some important questions as to the rights of volunteer firefighters as employees in Pennsylvania. In 2011, Pennsylvania enacted Act Read More