Can I ride my ATV on the road in Pennsylvania?

Can I ride my ATV on the road in Pennsylvania?

The law that governs all terrain vehicles “ATV” in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is title 75 of the Pennsylvania Statutes, chapter 77. The law in this chapter relating to the operation of ATVs on highways is § 7721, which says that it is unlawful to operate a snowmobile or an ATV on any street or highway which is not designated and posted as a snowmobile or an ATV road by the governmental agency having jurisdiction. ATVs are permitted to crosses bridges when necessary and may use highways when declared by a policy agency having jurisdiction. ATVs can cross streets or highways at an angle of approximately 90 degrees (see 75 Pa.C.S. § 7721(b) and (c)) There are specially designated areas for ATV operation such as the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails in Centre County. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources recently opened a 39 mile ATV trail called the “Bloody Skillet”. The operation of ATVs on private property without consent of the owner or on State property is prohibited and violators may be charged with trespass by a motor vehicle.

While it may be argued that some ATVs have now added safety features that make them safer to operate on highways then motorcycles, Pennsylvania has yet to create laws to allow for ATV operation on highways.

ATVs must be registered, insured and have all necessary equipment (lights, breaks and muffler) as described in chapters 7741-7743. Failure to comply with the laws regarding ATVs may result in a summary offense punishable by a maximum fine of $200 for the first offense and $300 for subsequent offenses. (75 Pa.C.S. § 7752)

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