A nurse anesthetist student at Bloomsburg University (Bloomsburg) was terminated from the Nurse Anesthetist Program (NAP) for refusing a drug test. The NAP was a partnership between Bloomsburg, a public university and member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and Geisinger Medical Center (Geisinger), a private hospital. Bloomsburg provided classroom instruction for Read More

In Pennsylvania, health care professionals dedicate their lives to preparing themselves for work in their field of practice. But were you aware that health care professionals can have their entire life’s preparation come to an abrupt halt during the licensing process? Whether a candidate seeks licensure as a nurse, doctor, or other type of Read More

Healthcare Professionals: felony convictions get reported, statute amended. Be sure to consult with a lawyer on self reporting before the District Attorney does. See also 42 Pa.C.S. 9561 Report by district attorney. (a) Reports by district attorneys of felony convictions against health care professionals. –Whenever a health care professional has been found guilty, has Read More