Chris Brown Probation Violation

Rapper, sometimes film and television actor, and perpetual news bait Chris Brown has made headlines again after a judge ordered him to remain behind bars for a month pending trial.

The sentencing follows Brown’s most recent probation violation. The terms of his original probation from a highly publicized assault occurring in 2009 of then-girlfriend and fellow entertainer Rihanna stated that he should not break any additional laws during his probation.

But just a few months later, he was again arrested for assaulting someone in Washington, D.C., and was given probation in lieu of prison. The second probation violation stemming from the assault charge in D.C. has landed Brown back in jail until trial in April.

So, what exactly is the point of probation? If someone like Chris Brown can seemingly continue to receive probation in lieu of jail time, then is it something that a defendant can request as an option?

Receiving probation in Pennsylvania is never a right that one can demand from a judge in a criminal matter. It is always in the discretion of the court whether to grant the option to the criminal defendant. The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole website contains excellent information, including definitions and detailed explanations of the policy reasons behind discretionary parole.

When defining probation and parole, the Board’s website explains, “Probation is a sentence that does not include a period of incarceration; it is served in the community rather than jail.” This is why the behavior of the parolee matters so much in a case like the Chris Brown assaults.

If you are facing a crime, or know a loved one currently incarcerated, knowing when parole might be an option can be a strong motivation for good behavior–either inside or outside prison walls. Speaking to a knowledgeable and assertive criminal defense attorney can help you present your strongest case in favor of probation or earning parole.

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