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Pleasing Results for Grand Parents

We have been working with Judith Homan and the Mazza Law Group for the past year, on family visitation rights (Grand Parents) with very pleasing results. We HIGHLY recommend her abilities, because of her Knowledge and Professionalism in our situation, in which we were awarded Grand Parents Rights and Visitation Rights for our Grandson. Thank You very much!

I highly recommend calling Judith Homan

It’s difficult to put into words how much I appreciate Judith Homan and Christine Meenan at the Mazza Law Group.

As a single father, I faced what many other fathers face when going through a divorce. My ex left my life in shambles, forcing me out of my home to start from scratch and she tried to remove me from my daughter’s life. After wasting two years with a previous attorney from a different firm who did not care about my situation, I turned to Mazza Law for help. This was the best decision I made since it all began.

Judith Homan helped put our lives back together. Both Judith and Christine show they cared about the situation and helped me every step of the way. Communication was excellent. I never had to worry if my emails would be ignored. Judith and Christine always responded very quickly and thoroughly answered any questions or concerns I had.

Divorce is something I would never wish on anyone, and the thought of losing your child in a custody battle is the scariest situation you will ever face. I’m so glad I called Mazza Law and met Judith and Christine. I never felt alone through the entire process. Because of them, I can rest at ease knowing my daughter is still in my life, and I was able to recuperate lost assets so that I was able to pull my life from the ashes.

I highly recommend calling Judith Homan at Mazza Law. You will be in good hands.

The absolute Best!

Steve was amazing throughout the entire case. The preliminary hearing, all the Pretrial stuff, and the trial itself. There was no doubt that he was the most prepared attorney in the courtroom. I owe Steve my freedom, without his expertise I am not sure of the result. Steve’s persistence, his passion and his dedication to my defense was nothing short of outstanding. I trusted Steve with my life, you can too.

The best there is!

I have hired Steve for multiple cases and he has handled all of them professionally. He is very courteous and he gives you all your options and also gives his opinion and advice on what you probably should do, but he will let you take whichever route is best for you not like those attorneys that are looking for simple plea bargains. He is very hard working and his billing is extremely fair and reasonable. Definitely the best State College has to offer.

Excellent Attorney!

Steve is very patient and listens to what you need, offers great advice and work his tail off to fight for you!

Hire Her Again Immediately.

Attorney Stolinas is by far the most professional and compassionate attorney I have ever met… I had an extremely tenuous case in which winning was placed “against all odds”. In fact two other extremely reputable attorneys passed on the case convinced that it was a no-win situation. She took it on; encouraged me to continue, we worked together side by side, and eventually won the case. However it’s not completely winning or losing that defines her. All along she stood by my side knowing exactly when where and who to speak to at the appropriate time. Her demeanor speaks for itself. She is calm, professional and gets things done. She has been more than patient through another very emotional case, guiding me legally, keeping things on schedule and following through with all legalities in the appropriate time frame. Her customer service is impeccable; she is real, she is brilliant, and I would hire her again immediately.