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Great Litigator

Steve helped us with the adoption of our son. At the last minute the birth father decided he wanted to raise the child and Steve was our litigator. He was extremely professional and well prepared throughout the process. He paid attention to every detail and was incredible at cross examining the other side. We felt like we were in the best hands and would use him again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Steve.

Fantastic Lawyer. Strongly Recommended.

Steven has provided me with incredible service and I could not be more satisfied with his work. He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and genuinely cares about helping you with your situation. I could make well informed decisions because he always kept me in the loop. He was very easy to collaborate with because he listened to what I had to say and considered various approaches to my case, only to pick the one that was most effective.

If you are looking for a good lawyer and you are not sure about who to pick, Steven should be your choice. I considered many different lawyers before making my choice and Steven was the only one that seemed optimistic. He took on my case with an open mind and believed that he could defend it. He gave me exactly what I needed and I could always trust his judgement. To add to that, I had a different lawyer take on my case at first, who gave me terrible legal advice and put me in a worse position than I was at first. Therefore, I know what having a bad lawyer is like and Steven is the exact opposite of that. Steven actually thinks before he acts and understands how to use the law.

Fantastic Lawyer. One of the best in State College. Strongly recommended.

Steve Changed our Life

My husband and I adopted a newborn infant and when he was nearly eight months old the biological father, who had been entirely absent until that time, tried to assert his rights and take our son. Steve was successful in getting a judge to terminate this person’s rights which is allowing our adoption to proceed. He was very calm during an emotional time, thorough, and really listened. He’s an excellent litigator and was terrific in the courtroom. He’s the best there is.

The Next Supreme Court Justice

Just how smart is Steve Trialonas? Steve took my case over after I have been fighting my case for four years. I had to file an appeal and Steve is so dedicated to his clients cases, he actually went and argued my case to the Appellate court. I won my appeal but, most important, it was his first appeals case. He is so smart that the Justices agreed with everything he said. He got my rights back when nobody else could. Need I say more? I would recommend him and would guarantee a vigorous and tireless defense.

I Recommend Steven Trialonas

“When I needed guidance, Steve Trialonas was there to help. He led me in the right direction and even after we were done, I know that if I ever needed his help again, he would be there.

Hard work pays off in the end!!

Steve undertook a case regarding a family member of mine where they were accused of inappropriately touching a minor. Steve jumped on this case immediately without hesitation or too many questions, knowing full well this would be his hardest case of his career.

Steve actually Drove 2 hours to see my family, so much that we started considering him part of the family, and made sure to have everything possible each visit. Steve treated this matter as if were his family and showed great knowledge of what we needed to do on our end to help our situation. Steve made sure to explain what he was doing on his end, with much simpler dialect for easy understanding for those not Law compliant.

After what seemed like an eternity and a dozen meetings and phone calls, it was court time. Steve had met up with us the night before and talked us through everything that was expected to happen and that we should not make any outbursts or try to start anything with the Victim or related party.

Steve displayed amazing professionalism and was able to pull out an awesome defense with all the gathered facts. Steve made sure to keep everything on track in the court room and expose the false information the Victim and Victim’s witnesses were trying to feed the jury.

Thank you Steve for your time and effort!!”

Attorney Steve Trialonas

“Steve Trialonas represented my family in court regarding a case that was very important to us.

I had consulted with another attorney, prior to hiring Mr. Trialonas, who advised me that my case was pretty much hopeless. It was not hopeless….Mr. Trialonas won this “hopeless” case, and I will be forever grateful!”