Centre County Criminal Defense Attorney Steven P. Trialonas

Criminal Defense Lawyer Success Stories

State College criminal defense lawyer Steven. P. Trialonas has represented hundreds of clients charged in Pennsylvania with all levels of offenses from ungraded Misdemeanors to the most serious Felonies. Generally speaking, the sooner an accused retains legal representation, the better. If your looking for a criminal lawyer, look no further.

Attorney Trialonas has been successful at all stages of a criminal prosecution, including at the investigation stage before charges are even filed, at the preliminary hearing before the charges make it past the district magistrate into the court of common pleas, with pre-trial motions before the matter is put to a jury, at jury trials, on appeal after sentencing, and finally with respect to expungements.

The role of a great criminal lawyer is to review the facts in detail, discover any and all defenses, and apply those defenses effectively to best serve the client. Criminal Lawyer Steven P. Trialonas handles each case methodically, giving the time and attention needed to obtain the best results. Often criminal defendants are “overcharged” where they face charges that are extremely severe but not appropriate. This tactic is often used as a means to induce a plea offer with the most severe charge being dropped, which creates the impression of a favorable outcome but often times that charge should have properly been dismissed pretrial. Below are summaries where Centre County criminal lawyer Steven P. Trialonas has fought for the rights of his clients and achieved desirable outcomes. Every criminal case is different, and many times the outcome is solely determined by the unique facts that each matter.

In a case that began with charges which included Aggravated Assault and Felony Endangering the Welfare of a Child and the possibility of a sentence in excess of 20 years’ incarceration, criminal trial attorney Helen Stolinas was able to convince the Commonwealth to withdraw the most serious charge. Then, after proceeding to jury trial in September, 2017, Helen’s client was acquitted of the felony and misdemeanor counts, with a hung jury on just one misdemeanor count. This trial result was achieved by employing her two decades of trial experience, a detailed review of the evidence, and expert medical testimony.