Penn State – Lawyer’s Letter to Parents

Dear Parents: Is your son or daughter a Penn State Student and have they been contacted by an investigator or perhaps a law enforcement officer in the State College area? Chances are if you’re searching for lawyers you have ended up on this page for a reason. The attorneys at The Mazza Law Group share a diverse experience in addressing legal issues that arise for students at Pennsylvania State University. These problems included:

Penn State – Legal Issues

  • Office of Student Conduct Investigations
    • Reports of Sexual Assault
    • Reports of Drug use
    • Reports of Alcohol related incidents
  • Criminal charges such as:
    • Underage Drinking
    • DUI
    • Assault
    • Harassment
    • Disorderly Conduct
  • Problems with a roommate
  • Problems with a significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend

If your Penn State student has been charged with a crime, there are collateral consequences that may occur as a result of even being accused of wrongdoing. These include expulsion or suspension from school, disciplinary action on a permanent record and problems obtaining employment. If your child is getting an education to pursue a career that requires a professional license, it is vitally important that his or her rights are protected when facing the office of student conduct or in the context of any criminal investigation.

We have a lawyer to help. Our lawyers have decades of experience and have served as advisors during disciplinary proceedings. We have negotiated resolutions with law enforcement when necessary, and make every effort to prevent a bad situation from escalating.

Your Penn State student has invested years of hard work and you have undoubtedly invested significant financial resources in his or her education. It is never too early to contact us for a consultation if you are concerned that an allegation of misconduct may jeopardize your student’s future. Our compassionate and experienced lawyers can explain what to expect throughout the disciplinary or criminal court process. Call today for a consultation!

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