Business Formation and Corporate Law

Are you looking to start a new business? A business formation attorney can help. The legal documents that need to be drafted or filed are often time-consuming, particularly when you are not familiar with them. You would rather stay focused on your business formation as you move forward, instead of losing valuable time figuring out complex documentation. Our lawyers routinely handle business and corporate law documents. We can efficiently and effectively put the correct documentation in place.

Since 1956, The Mazza Law Group, P.C., has served the State College community. With a reputation for experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, our law firm provides excellent legal advice and representation for business clients throughout Pennsylvania.

Our law firm provides a full range of legal services for small business owners, including:

  • Business formation: We assist clients in understanding the benefits and consequences of forming different business entities. Whether you decide it is most advantageous to be a corporation, an L.L.C., a partnership, or some other entity, our lawyers provide you with the legal guidance and assistance you need.
  • Business documents: Whether you need a buy-sell agreement, a buyout agreement, or a noncompete contract drafted, our law firm can assist you. We handle any business legal matters you may encounter.
  • Contract disputes: Our attorneys handle a broad range of contract matters as well. Whether you are concerned about a breach of contract or an individual who is not upholding his or her financial obligations, our attorneys have the background to litigate these matters fully in court.
  • Employment documents: Whether you need an employment contract reviewed or an employee handbook drafted, our legal professionals can help. We are familiar with both sides of the issues and work with employees and employers on employment law matters.
  • Dissolution: If you are winding down your business or dissolving it, you likely have a lot on your mind. Our attorneys can help you through this process by ensuring that the correct legal documents are in place.

As a business owner, you need to make a certain that all of your documentation is correct. Business formation can be an overwhelming task without the assistance of an experienced attorney to address any needs you have. For more information about our law firm or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.