Estate Planning Attorney

Are you looking for an Estate Planning Attorney? Discussions on estate planning can be somewhat dismal conversation, but is a necessary part of preparing for the future. After you pass away, you want to be sure your assets are taken care of, as well as your children, grandchildren, and family. These decisions are understandably difficult to make and can be confusing. You need someone with experience and compassion to guide you through the process. An experience Estate Planning Attorney.

The Mazza Law Group, P.C. has adopted a client-centered approach to estate planning. We believe it is the lawyer’s responsibility to educate our clients, learn their needs and desires, and only then prepare the legal documents that best meet the client’s individual needs. Our Estate planning attorney assist clients in developing the following:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Healthcare powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Medicaid planning
  • Special needs trusts
  • Guardianship

An Estate Plan begins with a Will, the document used to convey your property upon your death. The Estate Plan may also include documents such as Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, or Trusts. It would depend on your personal situation as to whether some or all of these additional documents are necessary. You may be under the impression that you can create these documents on your own. While that certainly is true, you must take into consideration that a Lawyer can help you prepare these documents while answering questions you have probably already asked yourself. These include:

imageEstate Planning

Should I convey my Real Estate in my Will or will that have some tax consequences?

Do I need an Executor and what exactly does this person do?

If I become incapacitated will a Power of Attorney give a person complete control of my Estate?

It’s never too early to begin the estate planning process; sadly, we never know what day could be our last. Contact the experienced estate planning attorney at The Mazza Law Group, P.C. today to start getting ready for the future. For issues concerning estate settlement, consult our estate settlement page.