State College Family Law Lawyer

Family law matters are some of the most emotional legal issues to handle. Many of the concerns individuals face involve your children and your finances, which are two difficult subjects to litigate. You need a family law lawyer who is experienced in this area of practice and who understands the importance of the issues at hand.

The Mazza Law Group, P.C., is well known for our legal research, attention to detail, and skilled legal representation. With a reputation throughout Pennsylvania, our attorneys are truly a part of our community. Located in State College, our Pennsylvania law firm serves clients throughout the central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Looking for a Family Law Lawyer in State College PA?

The Mazza Law Group, P.C., handles the full range of family law matters. Whether you need assistance with a divorce, paternity matter or another family law concern, we have the experienced legal skills that you need.

Adoption: Our law firm is experienced in handling domestic and step parent adoptions.
Annulments and separations: If you are considering an annulment or separation for religious, financial or insurance issues, our law firm can provide the guidance and representation that you need.
Custody: You have been entrusted with caring for your children, and they are your priority. We are compassionate with our clients but aggressive in litigating and negotiating custody arrangements.
Child support: Setting child support can be a concern for both parents. Our lawyers will ensure that the child support is set in a fair manner.
Divorce: We handle contested and uncontested divorces. Our results-oriented attorneys provide clients with legal advice and representation on all matters pertaining to divorce.
Grandparent visitation rights: If you are a grandparent who is interested in asserting your rights to your grandchildren, you must meet certain requirements under the law. Our lawyers can help to determine if you have a strong case.
Spousal support: Spousal support is based on a number of different factors. Our attorneys can help you to understand the likelihood of spousal support in your situation and assist with any associated litigation as well.
Protection from abuse: Our law firm assists individuals in domestic disputes obtain assistance from the law. Whether you have been accused of abuse, or you are seeking protection from your abuser, our law firm can help.

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Pre-nuptial agreements: If you are interested in protecting your assets before getting married, a prenuptial agreement could be essential. You will need to talk with one of our attorneys to get a more thorough understanding of steps that you should take.
Paternity: If you are a mother who is looking to establish child support, or a father who wants to obtain access to your child, you may need to have a paternity test and bring a paternity action.

Compassionate. Trustworthy. Well-respected. These are attributes of the State College family law lawyers who practice at our law firm. We routinely litigate and negotiate family law matters and can assist you with your situation. To set up an initial appointment with a PA family law lawyer or for more information contact us today.