Gas Leases and Oil Leases

A Gas Lease is a legal contracts that should never be entered into lightly. For your benefit, you should contact an attorney at once when a mineral rights transaction is offered, regardless of how time-sensitive the offeror tells you it is. The attorneys at The Mazza Law Group, P.C., handle a full range of legal services with respect gas leases and development operations from lease review to litigating disputes, so you know and can defend your rights.

Our law firm assists clients with the following types of:

Gas Lease Reviews and Negotiations: Our experienced attorneys will review protect your rights and ensure you do not become legally obligated to unintended terms before entering an oil or gas lease.

  • Mineral Rights Transactions: Severing the mineral estate from the surface estate can be very advantageous if done properly, let our attorneys handle the negotiations and drafting of any instrument you need.
  • Contract Disputes Arising From Lease Agreements: Gas Leases are often entered without the foresight to predict future problems. Our firm is well versed in lease agreements, and should be consulted as soon as a dispute arises.
  • Disputes between the Surface Estate Owner and Mineral Estate Owner: The owner of the mineral estate and the owner of the surface estate both have legal rights as a result of their ownership interest, leading to legal disputes. Our firm is well versed in surface and mineral estate law, and should be consulted as soon as a dispute arises.
  • Pooling and Unitization Agreements: Having your land or subsurface estate pooled with neighboring landowners can be very profitable for all, as the risk of lower producing wells is spread among all the mineral rights owners, and an apportioned royalty calculation is the result. These agreements are very complex, and one of our experienced attorneys should be consulted prior to presenting an agreement to the gas company.
  • Municipal Regulation Disputes: There is a very unclear line as to what municipalities may regulate with regard to oil and gas drilling. Our firm is experienced at issuing opinions respecting the legality of municipal regulations and ordinances.

For more information about gas leases and oil leases and how we can help you with your particular circumstance, please contact us today.