Social Security Administration Set to Expedite Veteran Disability Claims

At The Mazza Law Group, P.C., we are truly thankful for the service and sacrifice so many brave Americans give to this country by serving in the military. Without their dedication and strength, we simply could not enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle that make State College, Pennsylvania, and the entire country, so great.

It is this reverence for service that made our Social Security disability attorneys so excited when the Social Security Administration recently introduced a new policy. The administration plans to expedite veteran disability claims beginning this month. This will streamline the review of disability claims for veterans, shaving weeks off the usual process by which it determines benefits.

A recent article from The Baltimore Sun highlighted this announcement. According to The Sun, the plan will expedite claims for former American military servicemen and women who have already been deemed fully disabled by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. It is the hope of the Social Security Administration that this will help speed up the process for veterans, many of whom have waited years to get any decision regarding their eligibility for benefits.

It typically takes an average of 168 days to process a Social Security disability claim, but many veterans have seen wait periods that are closer to a year. If appeals are necessary, a single year can turn into many.

While the announcement is certainly promising for Pennsylvania veterans, as well as veterans across the country, many skeptics have pointed out that the SSA is better at “saying” than “doing.”

The experienced Social Security disability attorneys at The Mazza Law Group, P.C. are thrilled that the administration is, at least on the surface, taking a proactive step in helping disabled veterans get the benefits they deserve. We have seen the complications in the process firsthand, however, and recognize that it is always good for anyone having trouble with a Social Security disability claim to have an experienced attorney on their side.

For more information on this Social Security Administration announcement, check out the article from The Sun. If you are a veteran who has had issues with disability benefits or has been playing the waiting game for some time, contact an experienced Pennsylvania Social Security disability attorney today.

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