In a decision issued January 31, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania decided that increased penalties may not be imposed as a result of an individual exercising his or her right to refuse a blood test in a DUI refusal case. In Commonwealth v. Giron, the court noted the US Supreme Court’s decision in Birchfield Read More

New Developments in law from the Supreme Court involving a DUI blood test. In a decision last week, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling which has already started to change the way DUI cases will be prosecuted and defended in Pennsylvania. In Birchfield v. N. Dakota, the Supreme Court held that a Read More

The Commonwealth Court has reversed a driver’s license suspension because the driver’s conviction for DUI was not reported to PennDOT for ten years after her conviction. In Gingrich v. PennDOT, 748 C.D. 2015 , the driver was convicted of a DUI in 2004, but that conviction was not reported to PennDOT until 2014. The Read More