In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, businesses and schools have been closed, and public social activities have come to an unanticipated, screeching halt. The government has imposed unprecedented restrictions on our movements, including a mandatory social distance between individuals and anyone other than their spouses and immediate family. Couples have been hanging out together in close quarters – and not by choice.


As a consequence, spouses are learning that their marriage is not what it used to be, and more frustrated individuals are considering divorce.  Keeping relationships healthy is stressful when we are hunkered down in the small space called “home.” It is much easier tolerate differences when it is possible to spend time physically apart. Instead, the ‘lock down’ at home can exacerbate existing personality conflicts and make a partner’s quirks intolerable rather than just annoying.

When the coronavirus was not controlling our actions, routines carried couples through the day.  People got up in the morning, got ready for work, sent the kids to school, and left the home to engage in their separate activities.  They went to work, to the gym, restaurants, and stores and spent time with friends.   The new, mandatory practice known as “social distancing” has distanced people from everyone other than their partner. Keeping marriages and relationships healthy is a very real challenge that is exacerbated by the unfortunate current circumstances known as the coronavirus pandemic.

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