Deferred Action for Immigrants

Deferred Action: Supreme Court to hear arguments regarding Executive Action to expand DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for parents of US Citizens and Permanent Residents). On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding President Obama’s executive actions to expand relief under certain programs meant to benefit certain immigrants who arrived as children or who are parents of United States Citizens.

At issue will be whether the executive actions were within the scope of the President’s authority under the Constitution. Proponents of the programs argue that the President has the authority to direct the activities and enforcement of the federal agencies, while opponents of the program argue that the actions could adversely affect economic conditions in certain states, and that the action exceeded the President’s authority. It is expected that the Supreme Court will issue a ruling in June.

The attorneys at The Mazza Law Group will be monitoring the Supreme Court’s decision carefully. Should the expanded relief under DACA and DAPA be upheld, there will be potential immigration benefits to many individuals.

If you have questions about your immigration status and whether you may qualify for an immigration benefit, contact The Mazza Law Group to speak confidentially with a lawyer about your rights.

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