Social Security Disability Fraud in NYC Reaches $400 Million

Social Security disability benefits truly help those that need it most. If you are disabled and unable to work, it is very likely that supporting yourself—and your family—would be impossible without it.

Sadly, not everyone uses the Social Security system as intended; in fact, some severely abuse the system, forcing the government to set up hurdles and guidelines that make it more difficult to obtain benefits—even for people who are acting in an honest manner.

One such instance came to light last month, as over 100 former New York City workers were charged with faking psychological problems for insurance benefits. Prosecutors claim that the total wrongfully taken from Social Security disability insurance by the group could reach $400 million, extending all the way back to 1988.

Many of the people charged with the fraud were simply lying—or faking—a disability. One man told the New York Police Department that he was disabled with neck injuries and psychological problems. In reality, he was starring in instructional videos as a sixth-degree black belt.

Another man claimed he was too depressed to go outside after the terrorist attacks in 2001, siphoning off $174,000 in Social Security disability money. After investigators looked into the claim, photos of the man riding wave runners surfaced, among other outdoor activities—strange for a “depressed” man.

Over half of the claims followed the Sept. 11 attacks, many feeling the psychological impact of the incident left them unfit to work.

At The Mazza Law Group, P.C., we work hard to help those filing for Social Security disability insurance claims, fighting for the rights of those who truly need the help. Instances like these outrage us, as abuse of the system limits the good it can do for those who actually are suffering from a disability and can’t work.

If you are having trouble filing a Social Security disability insurance claim or feel you have been wrongfully denied, contact an experienced Social Security disability attorney today.

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