When parents are unavailable or unable to take care of their own children, it is up to family such as grandparents and friends to step in and help.   The law in Pennsylvania has changed again to make it easier for others to have the legal right to get custody of children who are not Read More

The most important, first step is to learn whether you have “standing” to request grandparent custody. “Standing” means the legal right to ask the court for custody. Informally, think of it as “getting your foot in the door” to get “a bite at the apple.” It is only possible to seek custody of grandchildren Read More

Many Grandparents take over the role of custodians when their sons and daughters are incapable of taking care of their own children. Even if it is only temporary, there are legal ways to ensure that your grandchildren are safe and secure in your care when you are their primary caretaker. What do you need Read More