Employment Contracts, Employee Handbook: Who Needs Them?

Entrepreneurs working to open their business’ doors to the public find themselves working just as hard to get to the next stage quickly – finding all the ways to keep those doors open, the manufacturing going, and the services flowing.

Often, the big push to get your product or service to market can, as this article in the Washington Post suggests, neglect laying some important groundwork that would help grow your business later. Small business owners in particular find themselves running into trouble as they grow and realize their business plan may be missing some key elements.

Some of these foundational pieces include creating valid and enforceable employment agreements.

Sure, finding generic templates online or through a book of forms can offer some insight on what kinds of items to include. But if your employees’ work involves handling proprietary secrets about your particular business process, or selling your intellectual property, or even just knowing your client list, an enforceable employment agreement could be worth more in the long run than just the convenience or price of downloading a do-it-yourself form.

Consulting with a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable State College employment attorney may seem like luxury for a start-up, but consider the value of what you’re protecting.

Another key document when you using employees is the inclusion of a customized employee handbook. Beyond a human resources guide about benefits or worker’s compensation insurance, an employee handbook establishes the company culture, values, and policies by which every employee will be held accountable. It may seem cursory, but ask any employer involved in defending any allegations of discrimination or harassment. Under those circumstances, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. Customized employee handbooks serve multiple purposes, including educating your employees as to company standards. They also serve as excellent tools in your defense.

An employment attorney can help provide solutions to problems, but these are just some of the ways your State College contracts and employment agreements lawyer can help you create a strong foundation for future growth.

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