Wills – Prince died without a Will

According to court documents filed by Prince’s sister, he died without a Will. This might come as a shock for someone with a considerably large estate but not having a Will is more common than you think. Have you made your Will?

The importance of a Will is to provide direction for distribution of your estate upon your death. Chapter 25, of Title 20 of the Pennsylvania Statutes outlines the requirements for Wills in Pennsylvania. “Any person 18 or more years of age who is of sound mind may make a will.”

Some think a will is not necessary because they believe their assets are minimal or they just want it all to go to their spouse or because the thought of death is too troublesome to bear. Regardless of how you currently feel many family feuds occur when someone dies without providing any direction on what should happen with their possessions.

A Will creates peace of mind for those around you. Estate Planning attorneys at the Mazza Law Group have prepared hundreds of estate planning documents that vary from simple to complex. Whatever your needs may be, please contact us today to obtain a cost estimate for preparing estate documents for you and to set up a meeting with an experienced attorney.

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