Immigration and Naturalization Update: Those who use Medical Marijuana work in the “Legal” Marijuana industry are not of Good Moral Character, may be denied Citizenship One of the requirements for a Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder) to become a US Citizen is to prove that they are of good moral character (GMC). On Read More

Parental Alienation, sometimes known as Hostile Aggressive Parenting, is behavior by a parent which could cause alienation in the relationship between a child and the other parent. Parental Alienation occurs most often in divorce and custody disputes, where a child may be turned against a parent by a series of actions or statements by Read More

Most pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be “fur babies” who deserve the same love and attention given to children.  In a divorce, though, pets are not treated as kids.  They are considered to be property, and custody laws don’t apply. Even if divorcing couples reach an agreement about how they intend Read More

When a child is born to unmarried parents, the hospital or other “birthing center” must provide the birth parents with an opportunity to sign an acknowledgment of paternity, with an explanation of the parental rights and duties associated with the acknowledgment.  If an acknowledgment is not signed, a court may determine a man to Read More

For those employers wishing to employ foreign nationals in a specialty occupation under the H1-B temporary nonimmigrant visa program, applications can be submitted on April 1, 2019 for employees to start on October 1, 2019.  Since there are more applications submitted than available visas, a random selection is made from the eligible applicants received.  Read More

When parents are unavailable or unable to take care of their own children, it is up to family such as grandparents and friends to step in and help.   The law in Pennsylvania has changed again to make it easier for others to have the legal right to get custody of children who are not Read More

There are a number of changes to relevant laws and state rules that can affect how Pennsylvania family law cases are handled in 2019. The new year may bring new ways of thinking about your ongoing or upcoming divorce and custody matters. Tax consequences of alimony: The most talked-about change was announced early last Read More

On December 26, 2018, the Clean Slate Act will provide the ability to petition for an order of limited access for convictions of misdemeanors and other ungraded offenses which are punishable by up to five years’imprisonment.  The person must be conviction-free for at least ten years, and must have paid all court fees and Read More

Do you have rights to a paper street that would entitle you to ownership of an adjoining property and not even realize it? With the rise to prominence of subdivisions in developing areas, such as State College, comes a plethora of unique legal issues. In particular, the law has been asked to deal with Read More

The Mazza Law Group is pleased to announce the addition of Attorney Todd J. Ciancarelli to the firm. Todd joins the firm after graduating from Penn State Law, during which time he worked as the firm’s legal intern. As a legal intern, Todd worked closely with the other attorneys at the firm on a Read More