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Employment Law Updates

U.S. Courts have reached some interesting decisions relating to employment law. Recently, the following cases have been reported. THE HELPFUL PERSONNEL OFFICE The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a human resources representative engaged in protected activity under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when she referred a coworker who […]


NLRB Decision Involving Northwestern University’s Football Team

The NLRB decision involving Northwestern University’s football team is as bizarre as they come. The decision did not address the issue whether the players were University employees. Rather, it was decided that granting the students bargaining rights would be too disruptive to labor policy. This leaves the fundamental issue (employee or not) to another decision […]


Football Players Unable to Unionize

August 17, 2015: Northwestern Football players will not be able to unionize the NLRB ruled today in a unanimous decision declining to assert jurisdiction over the case. The NLRB left for the future the question of unionization. The Board did not say the grant in aid athletes were not employees, just that they did not […]


Labor Law

LABOR LAW – NEW OVERTIME RULES AFFECT 5 MILLION WORKERS Pursuant to the authority given the President under the Fair Labor Standards Act, some 5 million working people can expect to get more over time pay. Under the new labor law, salaried people making under $50,440.00 would be entitled to overtime for hours worked over […]


Family Dollar Announces Layoffs: Do Central Pennsylvania Employees Have Rights?

Bargain shoppers may need to look a little further for deals, as Family Dollar threatens to close 370 stores and issue employee layoffs. This article in Forbes discusses the possibility that closures could help the value-brand chain make a comeback. Although the company has made no announcements about any of the Central Pennsylvania locations specifically, […]


Employment Contracts, Employee Handbook: Who Needs Them?

Entrepreneurs working to open their business’ doors to the public find themselves working just as hard to get to the next stage quickly – finding all the ways to keep those doors open, the manufacturing going, and the services flowing. Often, the big push to get your product or service to market can, as this […]